Chess Math

Chess Academy was founded in 2006 by CEO and Educator, John P. Buky, to bring the educational benefits of the game of chess into the classroom.

Chess Academy uses the game of chess as a learning tool to improve students’ literacy and math skills as well students’ problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills in the areas of logic, pattern recognition, perception, coordination, spatial relations, decision-making, and visualization. We offer a comprehensive and complete enrichment program of instruction from beginner through advanced levels using our proprietary and award winning method of instruction!


“I have seen real progress and growth from the students in the Chess Academy after-school tutoring program. Whereas before they had a difficult time attending, they are now able to focus and concentrate for extended periods of time. They have also matured and developed higher levels of self-esteem.” – Terry B., CPS Instructor

“What is really heartwarming is to hear a young student say they really love the math and chess program and that they are teaching their parents, grandparents and siblings at home how to play chess. It cannot be underestimated how perfect chess is for building socialization skills.” – Kathy B., Tutoring Instructor

“The Chess Academy Tutoring Program is already making a tremendous difference in our school. Students in the program are improving their math skills and developing greater confidence. One of the students just won the monthly award for most improved academic performance.” – Mauricio S., CPS Instructor

“I am very happy with Chess Academy Reading and Math Tutoring! My daughter who is in a special education program never liked math and and could not understand it. Chess Academy helped her go from a grade of “D” to a grade of “B” on the 2nd quarter marking period. She now feels more comfortable with math. The method they use helps the students understand math.” – Eva R., CPS Parent

John (left photo) introducing chess in the classroom. John (right photo) took his Arai School Girls Chess Team to 2nd in the Nation in the First Annual All-Girls National Chess Championships. In the photo is Susan Polgar, Women’s World Chess Champion, John and the Arai Girls Chess Team.

Please contact John at Chess Academy for more information on educational workshops and enrichment programming.