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“We face in our modern, splintered world not only a crisis in education, but more pointedly a crisis of understanding – of thought and of willingness to engage in thought. Thinking tools like chess, help our minds expand, grow comfortable with abstraction and learn to navigate complex systems.” From the book “The Immortal Game” by David Shenk.

Committee Chair: Renate Otterbach
Committee Members Email Address
GM Maurice Ashley
John P. Buky
Dr. Joseph Eberhard, ED.D.
Dr. Kenneth A. Kiewra
Mikhail Korenman
Ed Larkin
Harlan Lee
Leslie B. Lipschultz
Fernando Moreno
Chet Parks
Daniel Parmet
Tim Redman
Dr. Alexey Root
Dr. Loren R. Schmidt
Stephen Shutt
Rodney Thomas
Will Tseng
Elizabeth Spiegel
Student Members:
Brianna Conley
Alexandra Wiener
Mike Nietman and

Anjelina Belakovskaia

Franc Guadalupe and

Jerry Nash